Pensofttech SERVICES

During these years, we helped over than 100 satisfied clients in Gulf Region.. We provided them what are more than just services; we provided them solutions. And this is our mission and passion. So, don’t look at any part of the following list as a usual.

Web Design and Development

Exclusive and customize web design.

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Mobile Application Development

Do you need your business mobile app then NextTech Limited is the right place for you.

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Up to 25 Users Uith 5 GB Home Directory Per User

With this service, the user can get as much as 5GB home directory, serving as many as 25 users. Dedicated 1TB storage for each account As clearly stated, you get a dedicated 1TB storage for each account, ensuring that there is enough space for the processing and storage of data.

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One Time Training for Up to 10 Instructors for 1 Week

This training service is particularly designed to allow academic institutions to enjoy one week of training for as many as 10 instructors from renowned High Power Computing professionals experts selected across the globe.

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Remote Technical Support

Here, Aziz Services gives more to academic institutions that just the training programs and courses by ensuring that they get all the necessary support even after leaving the center. The HPPC offers remote technical support to solve some somewhat complex issues that academic institutions might encounter.

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