I Will Fix And Develop PHP Laravel Web Applications


I Will Fix And Develop PHP Laravel Web Applications

Welcome to my gig. If you are planning to build a new Web site , Applications Software or make any change of an existing site then you are in the right place. 

I have 5 years working experience.


1. Install Laravel Application on your server
2. Create a new laravel website
3. Any applications software.
4. Add New Features to Existing Laravel Application
5. Create SPA (Single Page Application with Laravel) 
5. Fix Any kind of Laravel Bugs
6. Move Laravel Application from one server to another.
7. Change Look of front end Laravel Application 


    Secure code
    Scalable application
    Easily readable code
    Excellent support and Fast communication

    Point Of Sell (POS)
    Multilevel Business System (MLM)
    Inventory and Accounting System Management
    E-commerce websites
    Video Portals
    Directory Portal 
    Real Estate Websites
    Admin and Backend Systems
    Subscription Based Web Apps
    Social Media Portal
    Cloud EPR, Accounting and Invoicing Softwares


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