Use of Pensofttech Ltd you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

1. Abbreviations

2. Account Requirements
An account is required to access resources. Accounts are available to faculty, researchers, and graduate students upon approval of the faculty advisory. Non researchers can access if they are collaborating with personal on a joint research requiring  services, or with the formal approval of the Director of the Pensofttech. Applications for accounts are reviewed by Pensofttech management and processed within two weeks. All applications are evaluated on the basis of technical merit and accomplishment. The Pensofttech reviews applications based on the justification of computational need and a demonstration of  computing resources being used effectively. By default, all Pensofttech accounts are annually terminated. Accounts are renewed by Pensofttech based on work done in the previous year and a compliance with the requirements stipulated in items 3 and 8 of the Terms of Service.
3. Project Requirements
When requesting an allocation of Pensofttech resources, one is expected to explain the nature of the research from a computational perspective, detail the experience of researchers who use machines along the same lines as Pensofttech, provide information concerning grants or other funding used to support the project, and describe how computing resources will be used in the research. In order to obtain access to the Pensofttech systems and services, Principal Investigators (PIs) are required to submit detailed research proposals for their projects to the Pensofttech. Usage of Pensofttech systems and supporting services will be priced and charged in accordance with the policies dictated by the Pensofttech. Project proposals must be submitted using the Pensofttech Project Proposal (APP) form. The form indicates the elements taken into consideration when assessing a project proposal for the allocation of resources and services, reviewing of a project’s progress after approval, and when analyzing the project costs. Project PIs are required to submit progress reports pertaining to their project every six months, starting from the date of account creation. In addition to details of the project itself, progress reports need to include the following:
  • A description of activities on Pensofttech since the previous report.
  • Progress of work in relation to the work schedule as submitted with the Project Proposal.
  • List of publications resulting from the project since the previous report.
  • Expected completion date of the project.
  • Additional resources required to complete the project.
Please note that projects will not be approved or set up without the organization/institution having submitted an “Organizational Access Application ”. All users working on the project must also submit an “Individual Access Application .” The Project Proposal, and forms are available for download .
4. Information Security Requirements
Information Security and Information Systems Management (ISM) policies are critical to Pensofttech’s Pensofttech activities, as Pensofttech facilities at Pensofttech represent a major component of Pensofttech’s Information Technology infrastructure.Pensofttech is the responsibility of every Pensofttech employee, as well as any individual or entity that uses Pensofttech systems. Users must maintain a high level of security in their use of Pensofttech Information Resources by means of appropriate behavior. This includes maintaining the confidentiality of passwords and the use of encryption tools for KAU Classified Information. Users should not engage in activities that would disrupt or compromise the availability, integrity, or security of Pensofttech information or Pensofttech systems, or which would result in their misuse. All potential security breaches must be reported to Pensofttech management immediately. The InfoSec and ISM policies applicable to Pensofttech facilities at Pensofttech are largely based upon the InfoSec and ISM policies in regard to the whole of Pensofttech, as determined by the DIT. Pensofttech users must refer to and comply with these policies.
5. Personal Privacy
Users should have no expectation of privacy concerning their use of Pensofttech, including Pensofttech-provided computing equipment, the Pensofttech Intranet, Pensofttech provided access to the public Internet, or other Pensofttech information systems. The required use of passwords to gain access to Aziz is for Pensofttech’s protection, and does NOT imply that users can expect their work and use of the system at Pensofttech to be considered private. By using these systems, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, users specifically consent to having their use of the system and communications monitored and recorded. This consent only applies to the use of the systems at Pensofttech, and does not apply when a user obtains access to the public Internet outside of the Pensofttech computing environment or network (i.e. when access is not provided by Pensofttech), such as when using their own personal computer. Users are advised that where possible illegal activity is detected, all information related to such an activity, including text and images, may be provided to law enforcement authorities or third parties without prior notice to, or the consent of, the user(s) concerned.
6. Confidential Information & Intellectual Property (IP) Requirements
6.1 Copyright and Intellectual Property 
Most of the information and software (programs, audio, video, data files, etc.) that is publicly available (including on the Internet) is subject to copyright or other intellectual property right protection. When obtaining material for use on Pensofttech:
  • Do not obtain software from the sources mentioned unless permission has been granted by the material owner and the Pensofttech Sys Admin Team.
  • All software on the Aziz is to be installed by the Pensofttech Sys Admin Team. If additional software is required, a request for such is to be placed with the Pensofttech Sys Admin Team. The Pensofttech Sys Admin Team will examine any applicable software copyright restrictions and discuss possible issues with the requestor prior to the software’s installation. If the Pensofttech Sys Admin Team believes that Pensofttech will not be able to comply with any part of the terms and conditions of use, the software will not be installed on Pensofttech.
  • Ensure compliance with any expressed requirements or limitations attached to the use of such software, e.g. not to be used for commercial purposes, cannot charge others for use or distribution, subject to a copyright or attribution notice being affixed to each copy, must distribute source code, etc.
  • If you are unsure of or have questions regarding to the meaning of the restrictive language, contact the Pensofttech Sys Admin Team and Pensofttech Legal before use thereof.
  • Assistance and approval from Pensofttech Legal must be obtained before incorporating any material that is not Pensofttech property into a product or material that Pensofttech intends for external distribution.
6.2 Liability 
In situations where non assets are being used for Pensofttech business, Pensofttech is released from all liability in the event of loss/damage to the equipment and/or information. In instances where a non-KAU workstation is used as part of a contractual relationship, appropriate releases must be signed as part of the agreement between and the contracted organization or company.
7. Remote Connections to Networks and Systems
When connected to a non-Pensofttech network, a Pensofttech-approved remote access solution must be used to establish connectivity with Pensofttech. Contact Pensofttech for information on approved remote access solutions.

 System Terms of Service April 2018

Please make sure you have fully understood and agreed on the following two crucial points

8. Acknowledgement of  in Research Publications
In situations where the results of research conducted on Pensofttech is published, or where the research conducted involved personnel from Pensofttech who benefited from Pensofttech, and/or if Pensofttech personnel was involved in the research, Principal Investigators (PIs) are required to acknowledge this. An example of a statement for possible use: “Computation for the work described in this paper was supported by King Pensofttech University’s High Performance Computing Center (Aziz Supercomputer) (” Another example: “The simulations in this work were performed at King Pensofttech High Performance Computing Center(” Copies of published papers acknowledging Pensofttech need to be submitted to Pensofttech for inclusion on the Pensofttech website, under the publications page. Publication information and possible publication restrictions need to be included. Compliance with this policy will be a factor when evaluating account renewals.

9. Potential Consequences for Violation of Terms of Service
Failure to comply with Pensofttech policies or respond to a request regarding information by Pensofttech may result in termination of a user's access to Pensofttech. Users may be held responsible for damages to Pensofttech's IT systems caused by the violation of these policies.